Put on a show

Putting on a Hatstand Opera show couldn’t be easier, and hundreds of ‘ordinary’ folk have done just that, from church committees to charity fundraisers, community festivals to conference organisers, and anyone who just fancied some opera at their garden party!

At Hatstand Opera, we specialise in performing in unusual spaces and places, so we have the skill and experience to adapt to almost any venue or location. So, if you have an idea for presenting a show, call us on 01252 511 762 and we’ll chat through the ins and outs with you, no obligation.


Public performances in theatres and halls

This is probably the easiest type of performance to put on, as most hired venues can provide everything we need on site. We provide full technical specifications for your venue and liaise with them.


What’s included for a public performance

With Hatstand Opera, you get more than a simple concert, you get a proper show with a full support system built in. This includes:

  • Hatstand bringing their own digital piano – no expensive piano tuning or moving fees to worry about!
  • Up to 5000 quality A5 colour flyers and a handful of A4 posters overprinted with your own details and logos, and delivered direct.
  • Your performance promoted on our own web site diary page, plus other services such as www.concert-diary.com, which provides listings for Classic FM amongst others.
  • Press releases on your performance sent to a range of local media including newspapers and radio stations.
  • Your performance will also be promoted to Hatstand Opera’s existing fan base in your area by post and email mailshot, if you wish.
  • Your performance included in our social media postings on Twitter, Facebook, etc.


Opera dinners

An evening with dinner and entertainment is a great way to raise funds for charity, and we’ve performed at hundreds of different types, from conference dinners to charity balls, Mess nights, Rotary and Masonic ladies nights, private parties, and wedding receptions. The requirements are much the same as for private parties – see below.


Private and party performances

We have performed at almost every kind of party imaginable, from big birthday blow-outs at top hotels to fun family parties in back gardens, and everything in between. We are flexible enough to fit into small spaces, yet experienced enough to command large stages, whether outdoors or indoors. We have only five basic requirements for any event, large or small:

  • Space

    We do require minimum space to put up the digital piano (or play your concert-quality piano) and move around in. Generally we need a clear performance space around 8 feet deep and around 10 feet wide, as the pianist needs space to play, and we need space to stand and breathe! We don’t usually need a stage for smaller events unless sight lines might be an issue. Outdoors, we always require a weatherproof covering over the entire performance area, so that we can continue even if it buckets down!

  • Lighting

    We need enough light to see and be seen by – if you can’t see our faces, you won’t enjoy the show nearly as much. Ideally, the performance space should be brightly lit to define it and to give a focal point for the performance. For theatres, outdoor stages, conferences, professional venues and large-scale parties with a technical supplier, we supply a straightforward tech specs for lighting (and sound) on request.

  • Microphones and amplification

    As opera singers, we have built-in amplification(!), so for up to 150 guests seated in a single room or indoor space, or in theatres, we usually won’t require any amplification at all, even for spoken introductions. For performances in marquees and outdoors, however, we might need a sound system, so do call us to discuss your event on 01252 511 762.

  • Somewhere to change and eat

    At Hatstand, our professional singers present a show, not a concert, so we do need time before your guest arrive to set up, then retire to a clean and comfortable room to eat, get changed and relax until it’s time for us to perform.

  • Your attention please!

    Opera is very much ‘foreground’ entertainment; you really need to sit down and watch it to enjoy it. If you want background music at your drinks party, therefore, we suggest you get a harpist or string quartet instead!

Please feel free to ring and discuss your event, even if it’s just an idea at present: 01252 511 762.


What, no prices?

No, simply because every show is tailor-made and every performance is unique! Our clients say our prices are reassuringly affordable, so feel free to call us on 01252 511 762 to discuss your event, we’ll quote you a fee, and follow it up with a proper email quote that you can show to your committee/boss/spouse/partner/budgie!