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Bespoke opera performances for UK corporate entertainment & corporate events

Give your corporate event, product launch, trade show, or international conference some drama and passion – with opera!

For nearly 20 years, Hatstand Opera have created stunning music for events held by UK companies and businesses, to delight delegates and guests from around the world.

With extensive experience of performing in both large hotel function rooms and intimate spaces alike, with the minimum of fuss and maximum entertainment value, we are every event planner’s dream!


Perfect international conference entertainment

If you’re a corporate hospitality organiser with a conference full of international delegates, opera is absolutely ideal entertainment for your conference dinner. Our professional opera singers perform in several European languages for a start, and our record is entertaining over 23 nationalities at one London conference dinner at The Dorchester! Make Hatstand Opera one of your conference events this year, and set your business conference way above the rest.


Corporate launch events

Whatever the occasion, opera grabs attention, so why not use us to promote your new product, new venture, or even new business premises. We’ve christened several new prestigious premises with an opera performance – at the opening of a Norman Forster building in London, we sang six storeys up on a glass platform!

Whether you’re an event planner, event company or conference management company, call us on 01252 511 762 to discuss your event entertainment requirements.


Are your Board bored with the same old dinner small-talk?

Spice up your next Board meeting with opera, entertainment that will always leave them hungry for more! Whether a lunchtime lightener or dinner delighter, Hatstand Opera have entertained select groups at exclusive London restaurants such as Mossiman’s, The Ivy, Boodles, The Savoy, The Oxford & Cambridge Club or at their own premises. To brighten your Board meetings with quality business entertainment, call us on 01252 511762.


Best shows for Corporate dinners and events:

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Golden Moments from Opera

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A Bite at the Opera

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Dynamic Duet