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Hatstand Opera: bespoke party entertainment for your birthday, anniversary celebrations, or just for fun!

Let Hatstand Opera entertain you and your guests with a tailor-made opera performance that delights and entertains all ages.


Opera at parties: special live entertainment for special people

Whether you’re planning entertainment for a 50th birthday celebration, a special dinner party for your friends or even a humdinger of a summer garden party, Hatstand Opera can delight your family and friends with bespoke operatic entertainment.

We’ve entertained thousands of happy people across the UK at private parties, wedding anniversaries and family occasions, from lavish parties at The Savoy to fun family gatherings in a marquee in the back garden.

So, ring us on 01252 511 762 with your special birthday party ideas, and we’ll turn them into glorious musical reality!


Give the gift of live (Hatstand) Opera

Why not surprise a loved one with their own special opera performance; we can perform at your home, a favourite restaurant, or even at a famous venue. You don’t need a large house either; we are experts in fitting into the most unusual spaces. See our Put on a Show page for more details, and we can even tailor the show to your requirements – call us on 01252 511 762 to discuss.


Hatstand Opera bespoke: special performances in special places

Hatstand have created a wide variety of shows especially for a diverse range of clients, including:

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  • The National Gallery, Dulwich Picture Gallery and Courtauld Gallery: Opera Grand Tours singing beneath world-famous paintings
  • The National Trust: open air opera events for up to 7000 people, with orchestra
  • Bury St Edmunds Festival: a mouthwatering operatic cookery demonstration with Lesley Waters!
  • Tank Museum Bovingdon: show based on (and in!) their WWII tank collection
  • 1929-1931 themed show in the hallways of a landmark Art Deco home

(For more examples, see our Venues and Case Studies.)

We very much enjoy creating new opera shows for building-based organisations, so call us on 01252 511 762 to discuss how we can create a show to enhance your business or visitor numbers with opera.


Best shows for Bespoke:

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Golden Moments from Opera

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A Bite at the Opera

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Opera Cabaret