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Hatstand Opera bring opera to life in delightfully entertaining and innovative opera performances for charity fundraising, theatres, music festival – or your own special event, be it your wedding, anniversary celebration or special birthday party!

Hatstand’s innovative opera shows and professional opera singers bring entertaining, theatre-packing performances to any venue, large or small, inside or outdoors.

As a established and well-respected UK opera company with a strong fan base, we tour all year round to theatres, perform at arts festivals, music clubs, and also delight guests at private parties, international conference dinners and Mess nights too.

Any space, any venue, any audience, any time; we love to sing whether it’s for thousands in Trafalgar Square, hundreds at the Theatre Royal Bury St Edmunds, or a select private party at the Royal Opera House Crush Room.

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Opera, perfect live entertainment for your event

Imagine the thrill of a real opera singer entertaining at your 40th birthday party or your clients serenaded by our experienced opera singers at your corporate events. Hatstand Opera have been doing these types of fun functions longer (and better) than most!

Whether you’re planning your wedding ceremony music, seeking entertainment ideas for a 50th birthday party, for charity events or organising corporate entertainment, opera fits the bill!
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Buy Hatstand Opera tickets for our UK performances

All our public UK opera shows are on our Opera Performance Diary, just click for details on how to book.

We look forward to welcoming you to a fun evening with Hatstand Opera very soon!