Opera Through the Looking Glass

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A celebration of Lewis Carroll’s famous Alice books

“Curiouser and curiouser” said Alice.

“Hatstand follow the course of my adventures through the famous Lewis Carroll stories, linking opera to the peppery Cook and the tempestous Red Queen. Scenes, songs and arias by famous composers such as Bizet, Mozart, Rossini, Offenbach and Gilbert & Sullivan – such rivals for a Mock Turtle’s Song!”

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“Humour in abundance throughout… a witty visual focus… light and amusing, and thoroughly enjoyed by the audience.”

Surrey Advertiser[/blockquote]


Originally created for the Lewis Carroll Festival in Guildford, Opera Through the Looking Glass was first performed in the elegant surrounding of the Marble Hall at Clandon Park.

The show proved so interesting that a touring version was created, which played in selected UK venues including The Lion Ballroom Leominster, Mansfield City Museum and the Robin Hood Theatre.

For another example of a show created around a famous author’s key work, see our Rubaiyat page.

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Opera Through the Looking Glass


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