Music of the Vine

Music of the Vine

MotV_wineglass-flightsWHow do you describe a red wine? Full-bodied, lusty, sensual – just like Bizet’s Carmen!

Innovative and creative comparisons of fine wines and wonderful music make this an operatic wine tasting with a difference.

Presented in association with a guest wine expert, the audience taste up to six wines, matched with opera and song designed to highlight a particular characteristic of the wine. It’s a truly interactive show, as the audience give feedback on their view on the wines, and become more outspoken after wine 4!

At Hatstand, we do taste all the wines in advance, and don’t cheat by just guessing what the main characteristic might be. Soprano Toni and mezzo Kirsty actually studied a Wine and Spirit Education Trust Level 1 course so they would know more about what they were tasting.

Thank you all for much for a wonderful evening on Sunday – you were all fantastic and everyone had a fabulous evening. Working with you was extremely easy and fun. My phone, emails and texts have been red hot for the past 24 hours, in praise of you. The total raised for KHoCA comes to just under £4000, a brilliant sum.

Chairman, KHoCA charity fundraising evening, Kent


Celebrity guest tasters
HSO_MotV_OzWOur expert wine tasters in Music of the Vine tasters have included Oz Clarke, Malcolm Gluck and Charles Metcalfe, who as an ex-opera singer himself, even sang along with one number!

We also appeared on BBC1’s Value for Money programme on wine, filmed in the Hotel du Vin in Winchester.

What to expect
With a Music of the Vine event, expect your audience to slurp, spit, grimace, and disagree, a lot. That’s the great thing about wine, it’s personal, it’s literally a matter of taste.

Talk to opera lovers and they disagree too. Mozart may be heaven to one, with Wagner as an instant insomnia cure, whilst for another it’s the opposite. Some like the rich, complex structure of Richard Strauss, other the more florid poetry of Handel.

Strong characters
Yet opera isn’t just music, it’s drama too, and all good drama has memorable characters. Audiences don’t agree about them either. Is Mozart’s Don Giovanni a loveable rogue or total male chauvinist pig? Is Bizet’s Carmen a fatalistic beauty or manipulative trollop? Does Verdi’s Violetta deserve all she gets? And so on.

When you come to describe these characters in opera, you find a wide vocabulary to describe them; fiery, subtle, colourful, seductive. Now apply that lot of adjectives to your favourite wines. Bingo.

This is the idea behind this most unusual of tastings. Our choice of opera extracts are an emotive, gut (or should that be taste bud) response to the wines being tasted. You don’t need to agree with us of course. Our guest taster will have their own view, and after you’ve tasted the wines you’ll have your own too. That’s what makes great art so exciting, from composing music to creating wines – the variety of responses to the end result!

So raise your glasses with us and explore the characters of great wines and opera, a celebration of two great arts in one evening!