Fizz and Frolics

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Champagne Music!

Indulge in the vintage champagne of music theatre, operetta! Favourites from Vienna waltz side by side with frolicking French extracts, with surprise star turns from their European cousins.

A wonderful selection of operetta from 1880 to 1930, nostalgic favourites all sung in English, including Chu Chin Chow, The Arcadians, Runaway Girl and more.

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“We have been absolutely thrilled and quite overwhelmed by all the positive and wonderful comments resulting from your superb performance yesterday evening.

Thank you all so much for a truly entertaining and enlightening evening, a brilliantly planned programme performed to the highest possible standard.”

Chairperson, Chatteris Music Society[/blockquote]


The Fizz and Frolics show toured extensively to village halls and Essex libraries under various rural touring schemes, plus selected other venues, and spawned no less than two sequels:

Cowboys, Kilts and Kisses
Combining the best parts of Fizz with a second half including classic Hollywood musicals such as “Oklahoma” and “Brigadoon”.


Songs from Classic Musicals
The songs that make the heart sing and the hopes soar, and all without the aid of a microphone! Songs from favourite musicals from the 1930’s onwards, featuring cowboys on the plains, social-climbing Cockneys, elusive suitors and many more.

This Musicals show was first performed on the terrace of the house in Somerset where Julian Slade first wheeled out the family piano and played his new hit show “Salad Days” to assembled friends and family.

Due to the stringent copyright rules for performing musicals, this is NOT a song and dance show, since we are only allowed one prop OR one item of costume OR a piece of representative set per musical excerpt, and only a maximum of 15 minutes of music from any one show! But, as Hatstand fans know, that’s all we’ll need!


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Fizz and Frolics


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