Education Workshops

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Opera education workshops with a twist

Over the past 20 years, Hatstand Opera have created innovative opera education projects for all ages, from ages 5 to 95, in primary schools, secondary schools, colleges and community halls and marquees.

Well Wicked Opera ages 5-11
From Pop Idol to X Factor, the key to the winner’s voice is – flexibility! Hatstand’s new interactive performance gives young people vocal tools to help them make the most of their voices. This fast-paced performance combines interactive exercises with mini-extracts from opera sung by Hatstand’s professional singers. It’s safe for all ages of voices, for both boys and girls, and yes, teachers join in too!

Graffiti Opera
A wonderful interactive 60 minutes of musical mayhem! All participants join to create a unique ‘sound opera’, drawing ‘sound cards’ hung on our special ‘music line’. Then they’ll perform their Graffiti Opera for all comers in a unique one-off, never to be repeated performance. No experience required, and suitable even for the tone deaf!

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“A HUGE thank you. It was better than my wildest dreams… what a real pleasure it has been to work with you.”

Diana Watkins, Head, Leaden Hall School


Opera performances make ideal cross-curricular projects, through their unique blend of music, drama, history, linguistic and design elements.

From a single afternoon workshop to a full term project, a showing of work to a staged public performance, children will always have fun with opera!

Sadly, the number of workshops we have been able to give in schools has dwindled over the years as already stretched budgets have been reallocated, which is why these shows now languish in the Historic section. However, we are always happy to revive them!

“Many thanks to you and your Company for giving us such an excellent and entertaining evening on Friday. Thanks also for being so good with the boys, who thoroughly enjoyed the day and felt privileged to be involved, and to work with professionals. It’s something they’ll always remember.”

Head of Music, Sandroyd School


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Education Workshops


For innovative workshops that engage and entertain, call us on 01252 511762.

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