Opera Cabaret

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Opera cabaret isn’t actually a show in its own right – it’s the heart of what we do

Hatstand Opera don’t do concerts or galas, we do superb shows for unusual spaces that look great and sound even better.

And at the heart of every show is the same-successful formula of opera highlights, presented in an informal style that engages and delights.

We pick and choose items from grand opera opera, operetta and sometimes classic songs from musicals to create an entertaining blend that is as much at home in an intimate space as on a stage.

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“I generally prefer opera’s greatest hits, so Hatstand’s opera cabaret is perfect.

Lovely… A great success.”
The Guardian

“Touring company Hatstand Opera’s witty and informal approach makes opera accessible to all.”

My Weekly



Bespoke or off the peg
We create tailor-made performances to suit any venue or occassion, or you can choose one of our innovative opera highlights shows with established audience appeal.

We only use highly skilled professional performers who know how to thrill and delight an audience, not novices fresh from college.

Our pianists are skilled accompanists who can sound like an opera orchestra at one moment, then swing through a musical number the next.

We bring our own digital piano, so we can perform with live accompaniment in almost any unusual spaces, inside and outside.

And audiences like us so much, they join our mailing list, and come back to see us year after year.

So, if you fancy some opera cabaret for any event, call the UK experts on 01252 511 762. We’ve been entertaining with opera cabaret longer – and better – than most!

10 Reasons to book Hatstand Opera

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  • Great shows that entertain and delight audiences
  • Bespoke option for unusual venues or events
  • Superb choice of established shows in rep
  • Highly experienced performers
  • Loyal fan base across the UK
  • Wide audience appeal, from classical newbies to opera anoraks
  • Fully formed shows with costumes, set dressings and props
  • Excellent admin support with minimal fuss and maximum efficiency
  • Adaptable, flexible company unphased by almost anything!
  • Performing 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year (if we’re not booked already!)

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Opera Cabaret


Age Range: 18 – 98+


Content: bespoke cabaret created from a blend of opera, operetta, classical song, musicals and slick, witty chat!


Suitable for:
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  • private parties
  • music festivals
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  • corporate events
  • promotional events
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  • outdoor events
  • hotels and resorts
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Technical Requirements: Ideally, we perform in the middle of the long side of a rectangular space (all the audience must be able to see and hear us at the same time). We need a space around 12 feet wide by 8 feet deep, with sufficient lighting so people can see our faces and our lips move, plus access to a 13 amp plug for our digital piano. Larger spaces for more than 200 people may require a discreet PA system, provided at the client’s cost, but please ring us to discuss your venue on 01252 511 762.