Lights, Camera…Action!

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The songs behind famous movies, from opera to silver screen classics

Nothing brings a classic film scene to life like a great soundtrack. with Lights, Camera…Action!, Hatstand Opera bring the music behind the movies back into the limelight! From opera classics to famous screen songs, you’ll love these timeless tunes presented in glorious colour by “The enterprising stars of Hatstand Opera” The Times.

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“Thanks to all of you for giving us such a great evening. It was a fantastic way to open our season and our members loved it. “Lights, Camera…Action!” was entertaining and easy listening and very professional.”

Clacton & North East Essex Arts & Literary Society[/blockquote]


Moving movie music
Songs really make the moment in a movie. Who can think of the swarming helicopters in “Apocalypse Now” without hearing those riding Valkyries?  Or not shed a tear as a prison fills with sublime Mozart in “The Shawshank Redemption”?

New to classical music?
Research by ClassicFM has revealed that blockbuster film soundtracks are a perfect entry point into classical music for new audiences, and soundtrack items always feature highly in their annual “Hall of Fame” list.

So, we include items from classic films that all ages will recognise, plus extracts from some of the best of contemporary film scores, including “Nella Fantasia” from “The Mission” to a showstopper from Tim Burton’s “Corpse Bride”.

For foreign film buffs, we’ve included “Ebben?…lontana” from cult classic “Diva”, and for the rest of us, non-stop award-winning songs that’ll send you “Over the Rainbow” with supercalifragilistic delight! Play it (again), Sam!
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Lights, Camera…Action!


Age Range: 18 – 98+


Content: opera music used in films over the last 50 years or so, from “A Room with a View” to “Moonstruck” and “Mr Magoo”! A very stylish show with specially designed costumes and stage banners for a complete Hollywood look very much in vogue since the success of the film “The Artist”.


Suitable for:
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  • audiences new to opera or live classical music – (Classic FM have proved that many new listeners come to classical music from enjoying movie sound tracks)
  • Great on a stage outdoors or a well-lit performance area


Technical Requirements: stage with lighting preferred but not essential – for details on how to put on a show in a non-theatre space, see our Put on a Show page. Larger performances will require a PA system provided at the client’s cost. Straightforward technical specs for theatres are available on request