A Bite at the Opera

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The best opera dinner you’ll ever listen to!

What could be better than a good dinner with excellent company? A good dinner with excellent company and opera! With A Bite at the Opera, your guests are serenaded with staged extracts from the world’s favourite operas, presented in our unique fun and informal style. Hatstand provide the ultimate digestif of either 2 or 3 x 20 mins slots in between courses, or a delightful 45 mins cabaret slot between main and dessert, to create an entertaining evening of fine food and music.

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[blockquote type=”blockquote_line” align=”left”]”Thank you for such a magnificent evening. Many people have already expressed their appreciation and said how impressed they were with the truly wonderful performance. I hope you all enjoyed yourselves as much as we did and would consider returning to the Officers’ Mess next year.”
PMC, Royal Engineers Officers’ Mess, Chatham, Kent

The great advantage of A Bite at the Opera is that there is always something happening for your guests; as the last plate is cleared from the previous course, we come in to perform, and on our last note, the next course can emerge from the kitchen.

Just to say, we NEVER sing while people eat – you can’t concentrate on two great things at once!

Take A Bite at the Opera anytime
This versatile show format works for all sizes of occasions: here’s some we made earlier!

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  • a private dinner for 15 at The Ivy
  • a Wiltshire wedding anniversary lunch for 40 family & friends
  • a charity fundraising dinner for 150+ in The Pump Room, Bath
  • an elegant private party at The Savoy for 250
  • dinners for 500+ at international conferences in Torquay, Harrogate & Bournemouth


Our performers can get up close and personal as much as space allows, but please note we do not offer a ‘singing waiter’ type of show.
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A Bite at the Opera


Age Range: 18 – 98+


Content: popular opera highlights by favourite composers, can be tied in to the menu or evening’s theme


Suitable for:
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  • charity dinner
  • Mess dinners
[/list] [/three_columns] [three_columns ][list style=”check” color=”white”]
  • wedding receptions
  • celebration meals
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  • conference dinners
  • private dinner parties, etc
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Technical Requirements: ideally, we perform in the middle of the long side of a rectangular space (all the audience must be able to see and hear us at the same time). We need a space around 12 feet wide by 8 feet deep, with sufficient lighting so people can see our faces and our lips move, plus access to a 13 amp plug for our digital piano. Dinners in larger spaces for more than 200 people may require a discreet PA system, provided at the client’s cost, but please ring us to discuss your venue on 01252 511 762.