Hatstand Opera Shows OLD

Browse our selection to explore the innovative range of opera entertainment and performances we offer. Not all these shows are available at one time – ring us for details and to discuss what’s best for your event.

Current opera shows

We ‘officially’ only tour two themed shows a year, plus the perennial “A Bite at the Opera”, but in practice, we can perform most of the shows listed here at any time. We can also occasionally ‘rebadge’ shows to suit a client’s venue, so in the past “Golden Moments” has become “Opera in the Barn” or “Opera Under the Stars”, for example.

Historic opera shows

These are fabulous opera shows we have performed in the past, usually as commissions for specific events or venues. Some have gone on to become our touring shows, others were so specific that they were performed once or twice. Click the orange button to discover what we created, and for whom…