Hatstand Opera performance diary

Sadly, we do not have upcoming public opera performances in 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic restrictions.  However, we hope to sing for you all again at the earliest opportunity, including any socially distanced smaller gatherings outside when they become allowed, such as garden parties, park performances, etc.  Do check back regularly!

Please note that tickets are only available from the contacts given;
Hatstand Opera have no tickets to sell.

Saturday 11th July 2020

at 7.30pm

Laugh-Allowed Opera 

Chatteris Music Society, Chatteris, Cambs

We may not be able to sing in person, but we’ve created a ‘virtual’ performance for this very special music society.

View the video below to see how to access the Chatteris performance playlist in YouTube, or just click the big link below the video!

Click below for the PDF programme


More about our performances

Where do Hatstand Opera perform?
We perform all over the UK and beyond, although most of our opera show performances tend to be in England, since we are a professional opera company in Hampshire. So you’ll usually find us presenting opera in Hampshire, Surrey, Wiltshire, Oxfordshire, Kent, Sussex, Essex, Berkshire, Hertfordshire and various parts of London every year. To be honest, we never quite know where we will be performing from year to year, as it depends who books us.

How do I buy tickets for opera shows?
All tickets for our opera performances are sold by the promoters or venues; we don’t sell any tickets ourselves. So, the contact details listed are always the best way to get tickets. Some venues and organisations offer the chance to book your opera tickets online, while smaller festivals and churches may sell via phone and post only.

Sometimes, the phone number provided is a private number for a hard-working committee member selling tickets, so please be patient if you get an answerphone. Please do leave a message and never fear, they will get back to you soonest.

Can I bring a party?
Of course, the more the merrier! Group bookings should be made as far in advance as possible to ensure you can all get tickets, and for dinner events, you will all sit on the same table. Some promoters offer a group discount, but this is more the exception than the rule, as Hatstand Opera ticket prices are usually extremely reasonable (and in some cases downright cheap!).

Can I buy tickets on the door?
Only if there are any left! Never assume that a Hatstand Opera performance will have tickets on the door – it is always best to ring and check as many of our performances sell out well in advance. Any event involving food, including open air opera picnics, have strict number requirements and tickets are only available in advance.

Do all venues offer facilities for the disabled?
All public venues such as theatres and hotels will have some provision for disabled patrons, but other venues such as churches and marquees may not. If you have particular requirements, simply call the Box Office or show organiser, and they will be happy to advise you.

Our open air opera performances for charity are often held in private gardens or fields (minus livestock!). Whilst our clients strive for the highest standards for health and safety, some locations and the walking distances involved may not be suitable for those with restricted mobility. Again, just call or email the promoter, and they will be happy to help.

Are your shows suitable for all ages?
There will never be anything offensive in our shows for the over 10s or too rude for the over 90s (although in our experience they love a good double entrendre!).

Most kids aged over 9 do enjoy our shows, but they can get a little fidgety if they are not used to going to the theatre or concerts, as 45 minutes is a long time to sit still. So, generally we suggest kids over 12.

Having said that, our less formal open air shows are perfect for young people new to opera or live performances, as if it all gets too much for them, they can retreat to the back of the field and play football!