Who are Hatstand Opera?

Hatstand Opera are a professional opera company based in Farnborough in the UK. We’ve been presenting opera highlight shows for almost 20 years, and we are a UK Ltd company. We have an experienced core of international opera singers and pianists, and we work mainly with digital piano accompaniment.



Where is Hatstand Opera based?

Hatstand Opera’s office is in Farnborough in Hampshire, famous for its international airshow. Hatstand Opera do travel across the UK and beyond to sing, so do call us if you want a performance in Penzance or Perth Scotland – or even Perth Australia!


Do you sing at weddings?

Yes, we do sing at weddings; see our Opera at Weddings page for more details. We can sing either during the ceremony, or at the reception, or at both!


Do you sing at funerals?

Yes, we offer a funeral singer service through our sister website www.singersforfunerals.co.uk.


Do you perform outside?

Hatstand Opera perform frequently outside during the summer months, and we very much enjoy singing in the glorious British sunshine! If you’d like an outdoor opera event, whether raising funds for charity or for a private party, please see our Put on a Show page.


Can you sing at my home?

Yes, we’ve sung at many private homes, from elegant Georgian houses to modest semi-detached homes, and most places in between. Our only criteria is that there is enough space for us, your guests, our digital piano, and a room large enough that even when we sing quietly, we won’t deafen everybody! Please ring us on 01252 511 762 to discuss, as it’s always easier to talk through on the phone.



I’m a professional party planner; can I book you direct for my events?

Yes, Hatstand Opera can be booked direct, as we don’t have an agent or sole agency representation. Most professional party planners and wedding organisers book us and liaise with us direct, and we then invoice you rather than the client.



Do you offer singing waiters?

Sorry, we don’t offer a singing waiter or surprise waitress style of show. It’s interesting that many clients who booked such a show in previous years often book us as a follow-on for guests who enjoyed the opera and the music. We can still be a ‘surprise’ item during an evening, suddenly appearing in the middle of dinner for example, but we will need to set up our piano in advance.


Do you use backing tracks?

Our performances are usually accompanied live by our highly talented concert pianist on our digital piano. However, there are rare occasions when it is either impractical or unfeasible to have a live pianist, and on these occasions we use our own high-quality, professionally recorded backing tracks. It’s not ideal, and certainly not what we want to do all the time, but it has been useful in the past for events such as singing next to the lions on Nelson’s Column in Trafalgar Square, and six storeys up on a glass platform with acrobats tumbling underneath us!



Can I audition for Hatstand Opera?

We are not auditioning for new singers for Hatstand Opera.


Are you expensive?

No, but of course we would say that! Our prices are very realistic for a professional company of experienced opera singers, and we offer a comprehensive performance package for private events – for full details, see our Put on an Opera Show page. We’re also VAT free!



Have you been on TV?

Yes, but before you ask, no, we haven’t been on X Factor or Britain’s Got Talent! We’ve sung on various TV shows over the years, and certainly would love to do more, so if you’re a TV executive or researcher looking for something different for a game show or a singer for a period drama, contact us on 01252 511 762. We’ve featured on numerous radio shows, and our singers have also recorded various film soundtracks; our Dutch baritone’s Lord of the Rings Elfish is pretty good!



I don’t see my question here

Feel free to call us on 01252 511762 to discuss your next event, or fill in our Hatstand Opera contact form .