A Bite at the Opera in Scunthorpe

There are nice clients, there are efficient clients, and there are super-efficient, super-nice clients that we just love working with! That’s why we’re thrilled to be returning to Scunthorpe for A Bite at the Opera with the Rotary Club of Scunthorpe on Saturday 18 February 2012.

Not only have they sold out this events weeks in advance, (and added an extra table or two), the energetic committee have also secured local sponsorship, so all proceeds on the night go to their charity.

Which only goes to prove that, despite the doom and gloom on the TV these days, charity dinner events do sell, and people still want to enjoy an entertaining evening with Hatstand Opera!

So, Scunthorpe, we salute you and look forward to entertaining you and your sponsors at the Wortley House Hotel.